Communication and I, Or should I have used “me”?

Away from any high-school/university students’ (generally) need for writing/typing, from everyday texting, e-mails, status updates and assignments, I don’t know a lot of people who “write”, as in creative writing, whether it be music to a novel. I, on the other hand, was always interested in creative writing, as I write stories, music and short novels.

Away from the writing, I have been always interested in “vocal” communication. Accordingly, I pursued public speaking and debating. As I got more and more into debating especially, I found a fondness in sharing my views, opinions and knowledge with people (away from the social communication methods/ Facebook).

Being six feet deep in a scientific course, I had little chances/time to write and express my “side of the story”. The moment I saw science communication enlisted in my module options, I didn’t hesitate a second to pick it. “Why??” … well, because I missed writing, presenting and communicating. It also helps me mould my skills to be able to pursue a career in scientific communication or communication generally.

The talks, sessions and workshops were very amusing and interactive. I also found the Blogging assessment very entertaining. As it isn’t a formal way of communication but helps you get your point through.

Only thing I would like to change when it comes to the module is the idea of having more freedom in choosing a varied range of topics and headlines to present/write about.


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