Don’t words your muddle up

A teacher at school once told me ‘if you can’t explain it to a 10 year old you don’t understand it yourself’. Since then I have applied this piece of knowledge on many occasions; be it from attempting to explain science to my mum (who studied art and English) and even using it as helpful revision tool.

A recent talk from Roy and Eileen, who work as education officers at the Discovery museum and the Great North museum, reminded me about expression. You could see, especially from Roy, how passionate they were about their jobs. They are responsible for the management and arrangement of workshops for children on school trips.

The benefit children can get from learning outside the classroom is immense, it enables children who might not thrive in the classroom maybe prosper in an alternate environment. However, it is essential they make these workshops exiting but also stick closely to the national curriculum.

Roy and Eileen made it clear they have to be able to engage with the children in a particular way to keep them interested; this is what made me think of my phrase. So even though they will be teaching the same topics they have to adapt their language accordingly.

It made me appreciate how fundamental the use of language is when it comes to communication, especially when it involves complex science.

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