It’s All About Communication

As someone with no previous experience in Science communication, I chose this module to gain some new experience in a topic a little different from the norm. Unsure of what Science Communication would involve beforehand, I turned to Google, which provided me with some insight:

Science com

“Science communication generally refers to public communication presenting science-related topics to non-experts”

Having spent my years at university struggling to explain to family and friends what I’m actually studying, the chance to improve my communication skills sounded right up my street!

The presentations delivered by multiple guest speakers opened my eyes to the wide use of science communication day to day, the importance of which I previously was oblivious to. I became aware of the efforts put into communicating science in an interesting and understandable way, from displaying information in science museums, providing workshops in schools, to delivering science news to the public via the media everyday!

Workshops on writing a press release and delivering oral presentations effectively were certainly the highlight of the course. The ability to write a press release is a skill which, as I aspire to enter the field of scientific research, will be extremely beneficial to me in future. I am now confident at presenting information to 13-16 year olds, and would like to further improve my presentation skills in future.

Science Communication has been an extremely valuable and enjoyable module, which has made me appreciate the importance of making science accessible to everyone, whilst providing me with a set of very usable skills.

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