My savior

“So what subjects did you pick for IB?” Although a big number of my friends/peers have been researching thoroughly about what subjects they should choose for the international baccalaureate, I wasn’t really bothered with that question, I had a simple plan, choose the “easy” material and excel  in those (Basically avoid the science and the math à non-STEM education).

When the choices submission date was due, My IB coordinator requested a private meeting. In the mentioned meeting, he explained to me how he was disappointed/doubtful of my choices, he also mentioned that my grades in the Bio-sciences were of great success and that I should pursue a scientific route and that I had the potential for it. Being as stubborn as I am I didn’t follow through so he suggested I attend science classes, just to see how it is and my reply was “Why not??”

Days go through and I start attending the science classes. Afterwards, I requested a change of subjects, which wasn’t really possible at that time. My co-ordinator did everything he could to have that happen, and I went through with the change.

Although I was enjoying the new subjects, it was hard to catch-on at the beginning. Once again, I asked for my coordinator’s helping hand. After-school classes were scheduled for my aid and I finally caught-up.

When I saw this video about the importance of tutors, and their potential to change lives. I instantly related it to this story, about my savior whom I am very grateful towards.

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