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Can we really be taught how to use English?

Is the uptake of our native language an innate genetic gift or a cognitive learning process? Alicia Cresswell, our speaker for the day, is an applied linguistics and language teacher from the university’s writing development centre. She is involved in … Continue reading

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It’s like talking a foreign language…

So I just wrote my first press release… After managing to decipher the paper myself, I attempted to write it in a way Joe Bloggs would understand. Having written a piece I thought was a good first draft I asked … Continue reading

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Press stress

So faced with the challenge of writing my press release, I started to read the article at hand. And the first thing that hit me… this was HARD to understand. The scientific paper upon which my press release had to … Continue reading

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One Love, One Heart, One Reason

Now I’m not trying to disarm cupid but it seems everybody Wants to Know What Love Is. Inspiring musicians for decades love has now bewitched scientists. An fMRI study in 17 people who were “in love” was used to analyse … Continue reading

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Music and Mankind…Or Not

Already feeling a little out of place at the North East Postgraduate Conference, my sense of not being in the right talk was greatly increased when I couldn’t see any sign of Dr Adam Rutherford, the proposed speaker. It turns … Continue reading

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Another excuse to Facebook?

Gone are the days of Bebo with its ‘random strangers’ and MySpace with its ‘up and coming’ bands. Facebook and Twitter are the social media sites of the moment. But stalking people isn’t their only use. They also provide loads … Continue reading

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It may surprise some of you, but the science communication module blogs and lectures were actually the first teaching I’ve had on writing style and English language since I was 16! As well as my first time writing non-scientifically in … Continue reading

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